Hard Bodied Lures

Hard Bodied Lures
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Lucky Craft Clutch
The Lucky Craft Clutch is available in 2 bibs - the MR which dives 3-4ft and the DR which dives 7..
Ex Tax: AU$19.95
Jackall Pompadour Jnr
The Jackall Pompadour is a no brainer of a surface lure. You can fish it as simply as cast and sl..
Ex Tax: AU$29.95
Atomic Hardz Crank 38 Deep Colour Diving Depth ..
Ex Tax: AU$19.95
6th Sense Speed Glide
The 6th Sense Speed Glide™ 100 was designed as an all purpose bait imitation. Engineered with a..
Ex Tax: AU$23.95
Lucky Craft Bevy Popper
An advantage of the Poppers and feathers is that they create ripples that extend over a wide rang..
Ex Tax: AU$23.95
Jackall Gantarel
160mm of pure Awesomeness! It is molded with extended pectoral fins which allows the lure to dive..
Ex Tax: AU$59.95
Atomic Hardz Crank 38 Medium   Colour ..
Ex Tax: AU$19.95
6th Sense Magnum Squarebill
Cloud 9 Magnum Squarebill Crankbait: 104mm, 1.5z Diving to depths of 6-11ft, the Cl..
Ex Tax: AU$23.95
Jackall Transam 20g
The Transam is only second to the TN in the realm of success.  With it’s finesse bait fish..
Ex Tax: AU$27.95
Lucky Craft Gunfish
Lucky Craft Gunfish 75mm The Gunfish is part of the next generation of topwater baits from Lu..
Ex Tax: AU$22.95
Jackall Chubby 38 Deep
At a size that appeals to a wide range of estuary and freshwater species, Chubby’s have a tight..
Ex Tax: AU$20.95
Storm Super Gomoku Jig Slim
If you are someone that enjoys deep jigging but find yourself unable to fish for as long as you w..
Ex Tax: AU$8.95
6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD
The 6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD™ crankbait takes finesse cranking to the next level by allowing y..
Ex Tax: AU$19.95
Jackall Squirrel 61SP
Jackall brings a new style of fishing to Australia with this bait from Japan. A cross between jer..
Ex Tax: AU$26.95
Celta Lure
One of the worlds most famous trout lures. The only spinner ever with an anti line twist device b..
Ex Tax: AU$8.30
Jackall Chubby 38 Shallow
Ex Tax: AU$20.95