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Keitech Noisy Flapper
Keitech gets "Froggy" with the New "Noisy Flapper". The "Noisy Flapper" buzzing frog has tremendo..
Ex Tax: AU$18.95
Samaki Boom Baits 4" Bomb Shad
Boom Bait Bomb Shad design and action has resulted in some awesome fish and various species. The ..
Ex Tax: AU$10.95
Zman StreakZ 8"
When it’s time to Super-Size, tie-on a new 8” StreakZ XL with a 10X Tough ElaZtech body that ..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
ZMan Shrimpz 3"
The ShrimpZ replicates the look and action of a live shrimp perfectly. It is designed for an upri..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
Berkley Nitro Saltwater Pro Jig Heads
Higher diameter wire, Forged, Chemically sharpened and coated in a Super tin finish to resist cor..
Ex Tax: AU$11.95
Zman 7" Scented Jerk ShadZ
THE new ZMan 7-inch Scented Jerk ShadZ slots in between the 5-inch version and the ZMan 8-inch St..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
Slider 3" BassGrub
With its Vibra-Tail this slider causes an irresistable tail wiggle that attracts fish.  The ..
AU$10.95 AU$9.95
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
ZMan Scented Jerk ShadZ 5"
A classic split-tail, jerkbait profile that is salt-impregnated and infused with 100% natural sce..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
Pro Lure Live Yabby
he Live Yabbie is an intricate, realistic Yabbie profile lure, with an extremely well balance..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
Berkley PowerBait Trout Nuggets
Colour Quantity Sherbert 1 Jar ..
Ex Tax: AU$12.95
Pro Lure Grub Tail
Team angler Luke Kay has converted many a discerning angler to the Pro Lure 60mm Grubtail. The up..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
Live Target Shrimp is incredibly lifelike, and replete with a number of lively appendages that pr..
Ex Tax: AU$19.95
Live Target Golden Shiner
The Live Target Golden Shiner was designed with big fish in mind, from shallow weed edges in dams..
Ex Tax: AU$29.95
Berkley PowerBait: 2" Hawg
Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great! Berkley scientists have ..
Ex Tax: AU$7.95
Live Target Blueblack Herring
The Live Target Blueblack Herring is the perfect Herring immitation for both Salt and Fresh speci..
Ex Tax: AU$24.95
Samaki Vibelicious 20g
1 - 3D Realistic Fish Eye 2 - Life-Like Fish Shape 3 - Durable, Ultra Strong 10x Stretch ..
Ex Tax: AU$19.95