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Hobie Gear Bucket Standard
Add a drop-in “storage box” to your 8” Hobie Twist and Seal hatch.  Part#:71704001..
Ex Tax: AU$25.00
Hobie Horizontal Rod Holder Kit
Keep your fishing rod secure and protected along the side of your kayak. Insert the rod tip into ..
Ex Tax: AU$31.00
Hobie Mirage Adventure Island 2016 Model
An absolute joy on the water, the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is an impressively approachable t..
Ex Tax: AU$6,290.00
Hobie Mirage Eclipse
Stand tall on the water aboard the Mirage Eclipse, another world’s-first watercraft from Hobie...
Ex Tax: AU$3,350.00
Hobie Gear Keeper
Hobie Gear Keepers. These low force retractor tools are ideal for gear such as pliers, lipper too..
Ex Tax: AU$25.00
Hobie Mirage Seat Pad
Adjustable comfort! Replaces the standard foam seat pad for the Hobie Mirage. Adjust the cushion ..
Ex Tax: AU$63.00
Hobie Lanai
The Lanai is small, sporty and nimble. The Hobie Lanai glides smoothly and efficiently, despite i..
Ex Tax: AU$975.00
Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14
Hobie’s original Pro Angler packs extreme fishing utility, with scads of (that’s six) hor..
Ex Tax: AU$4,750.00
Hobie Stake-out Pole
Hold position in shallow water by inserting the Hobie Stake-Out Pole into sand or mud. Fiberglass..
Ex Tax: AU$130.00
Hobie See Bag
Transparent 13 oz. vinyl bags make quick work of locating things. Great for organizing gear and p..
Ex Tax: AU$50.00
Hobie Mirage i9s
Hobie’s i9S was specifically designed for would-be kayakers who are shy on spare acreage but wh..
Ex Tax: AU$2,790.00
Hobie Dry Bag
8” diameter x 14”. This dry bag is built of tough materials. Seals tight to keep your stuff d..
Ex Tax: AU$27.00
Hobie Kayak Sail
MIRAGE KAYAK SAIL RIG Add sail power to Hobie Mirage Kayaks! (Fits all current models of Hobie Mi..
Ex Tax: AU$499.00
Hobie i14T
Wonderful alone, even better with a friend or family member, the Hobie i14T is the ultimate two-p..
Ex Tax: AU$4,290.00
Hobie Drift Chute
Large cone shaped parachute deployed in the water slows your drift in windy conditions when ancho..
Ex Tax: AU$39.00
Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit - Universal
The Hobie Universal Anchor Trolley Kit has taken the guesswork out of which Hobie anchor trolley ..
Ex Tax: AU$65.00