Treble Hooks

Treble Hooks
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VMC 9626 Saltwater Barra Treble
This VMC® traditional O'Shaugnessy 3x strong treble hook is forged from the finest high-carbon s..
Ex Tax: AU$11.95
Owner ST 36BC X Treble
A fine wire short shank treble hook preferred by crankbait users as lure upgrade hooks. Super sha..
Ex Tax: AU$10.95
Owner ST 41BC 2X Treble
2x strong wire for heavier lure work. Ideal light saltwater hook for estuary and inshore lure fis..
Ex Tax: AU$12.95
Owner ST 66TN 4X Treble
4x strong wire, the hook for tropical lure work or where the utmost strength is required. Tinned ..
Ex Tax: AU$14.95