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Bass lures
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Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada
Baby Cover Cicada At 35mm in length and weighing 3.5 grams, this soft bodied Cicada imitation..
Ex Tax: AU$19.99
Megabass Siglett
One of the best cicada immitations on the market, foldable wings, life like action and all the qu..
Ex Tax: AU$27.95
Pro Lure Crank D36
he D36 and S36 Crank have fast grown a reputation as a truly reliable Bream crank. The reason for..
Ex Tax: AU$13.95
Jackall Squirrel 61SP
Jackall brings a new style of fishing to Australia with this bait from Japan. A cross between jer..
Ex Tax: AU$26.95
Pro Lure Crank S36
The D36 and S36 Crank have fast grown a reputation as a truly reliable Bream crank. The reason fo..
Ex Tax: AU$13.95
Jackall Mask Vibe Gene 70
New from the Jackall stable is a new generation of fork tail soft vibes. We have developed this l..
Ex Tax: AU$22.95
Pro Lure Pencil SF62
The Pro Lure SF62 pencil is a floating, slim, baitfish profile lure. A finesse lure, it was desig..
Ex Tax: AU$13.95
Jackall Pompadour
Ex Tax: AU$29.95
Rapala Ultra Light Pop
A small topwater lure that packs a mean pop. Custom-designed cup face to move a lot of ..
Ex Tax: AU$16.95
Lucky Craft Sammy 65
The rounded body shape of the Lucky Craft Sammy produces a smooth 'walk the dog' action with the ..
Ex Tax: AU$21.95
Jackall Pompadour Jnr
The Jackall Pompadour is a no brainer of a surface lure. You can fish it as simply as cast and sl..
Ex Tax: AU$29.95
6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD
The 6th Sense Crush Mini 25MD™ crankbait takes finesse cranking to the next level by allowing y..
Ex Tax: AU$19.95
Lucky Craft Gunfish
Lucky Craft Gunfish 75mm The Gunfish is part of the next generation of topwater baits from Lu..
Ex Tax: AU$22.95
Jackall TN 60
The most successful freshwater tournament winning lure in Australian history! Nothing short o..
Ex Tax: AU$27.95
Bassday SugarPen 70mm
The SugaPen 70  is a unique designed dog walker. This lure is designed to splash with it cup..
Ex Tax: AU$28.95
Duo Realis Shinmushi
The ultimate ”bug” lure packed with the sheer persistence of Mr. Aiba. This "Bug" lure wi..
Ex Tax: AU$26.85