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Live Target Golden Shiner
The Live Target Golden Shiner was designed with big fish in mind, from shallow weed edges in dams..
Ex Tax: AU$29.95
Hobie Livewell XL
The Livewell XL includes a 6V sealed gel cell battery and has an adjustable two-level capaci..
Ex Tax: AU$587.00
Pro Lure Crank S36
The D36 and S36 Crank have fast grown a reputation as a truly reliable Bream crank. The reason fo..
Ex Tax: AU$13.95
Live Target Blueblack Herring
The Live Target Blueblack Herring is the perfect Herring immitation for both Salt and Fresh speci..
Ex Tax: AU$24.95
Pro Lure Pencil SF62
The Pro Lure SF62 pencil is a floating, slim, baitfish profile lure. A finesse lure, it was desig..
Ex Tax: AU$13.95
Live Target Mullet
You want a mullet Immitation, this one is for you, the Live Target Mullet Swimbait is the ultra-r..
Ex Tax: AU$24.95
Daiwa J-Braid 150m Chartreuse
Whether you’re an ‘Urban Warrior’, or your battleground is the big blue. It’s just you ag..
Ex Tax: AU$34.95
Pro Lure Live Yabby
he Live Yabbie is an intricate, realistic Yabbie profile lure, with an extremely well balance..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
Lucky Craft Real California 178
Over the years, the Real California Series has produced one exciting bait after another. The Real..
Ex Tax: AU$49.95
Pro Lure Paddle Grub
The Pro Lure Paddle Grub is the epitome of versatile and, there is not a fish in the water that w..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
Storm 360GT Searchbait 3.5"
esigned to be fished anywhere, by anyone, of any skill level; the 360GT Searchbait from Storm is ..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
Daiwa J-Braid 300m Multi Colour
Whether you’re an ‘Urban Warrior’, or your battleground is the big blue. It’s just you ag..
Ex Tax: AU$69.95
Pro Lure Grub Tail
Team angler Luke Kay has converted many a discerning angler to the Pro Lure 60mm Grubtail. The up..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
Jackall Mask Vibe Gene 55
New from the Jackall stable is a new generation of fork tail soft vibes. We have developed this l..
Ex Tax: AU$22.95