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Rapala RCD Tube Scale
Mechanical tube scale with durable stainless steel spring, hook and handle. The housing is made o..
Ex Tax: AU$49.95
Rapala X-rap Magnum
All the life-like scale detail and selections from the incredible patterns of the original X-RapÂ..
Ex Tax: AU$22.95
Rapala X-Rap Prop
Topwater prop bait with an X-Rap attitude. Stainless Steel props create X-size noise and splash, ..
Ex Tax: AU$24.95
Rapala RCD Roller Ruler
Spring-loaded retractable tape measure is easy to store and use. The tape measure extends to 150 ..
Ex Tax: AU$39.95
Rapala Shadow Rap Deep
The Shadow Rap combines a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade that perfectly mimics a minnow..
Ex Tax: AU$19.95
Rapala RCD Mitten Forceps
Spring-loaded forceps designed to be operated with mittens or thick gloves on as there are no fin..
Ex Tax: AU$30.95
Rapala Skitter V
This topwater bait features an exclusive design that radically alters the action of the lure. V-R..
Ex Tax: AU$22.95
Rapala RCD Magnetic Release
Powerful magnetic release with a carabiner clip is ideal for hanging nets and other big tools and..
Ex Tax: AU$29.95
Rapala X-Rap Subwalk
Swimming just below the surface (0-4’), Walk-The-Dog anglers can use this incredibly effective ..
Ex Tax: AU$22.95
Rapala RCD 6" Mag Spring Pliers
Rapala’s proprietary, patent pending Mag Spring mechanism on the pivot point of the pliers has ..
Ex Tax: AU$49.95
Rapala Ultra Light Pop
A small topwater lure that packs a mean pop. Custom-designed cup face to move a lot of ..
Ex Tax: AU$16.95
Rapla RCD Clock Scale
A 12 kg mechanical scale with an easy to read clock face dial. Textured body for secure hold even..
Ex Tax: AU$39.95
Rapala RCD Knife Sharpener
Easy to use knife sharpener for knives and fillets with a two-stage process: First the black shar..
Ex Tax: AU$5.95
Rapala RCD Mini Split Ring Tool
A lure fisherman’s custom tool designed to open small split rings without damaging them. Durabl..
Ex Tax: AU$10.95
Rapala RCD Mini Clipper
This Line clipper’s sharp, ground jaws cut monofilament and most braided lines with ease. ..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95